Crescent Ornament with LED Candlelight
Ornament with a nice warm glow in the shade of the Crescent, really makes it feel like Ramadan. Can be placed on the fireplace, sideboard or even on that small table in the corner of the room. - Ramadhan crescent...
Eid Box
Eid Box
This Eid Decoration set will be the perfect addition to your existing Ramadhan Decoration Set and allow you to make a simple overnight change that will transform your home from Ramadhan to Eid! Eid Banner - Ramadhan Mubarak bunting banner...
Eid Box Plus
A lovely way for you to bring in the sighting of the Eid al Fitr moon and get the family in the mood for the celebration of Eid. This lovely Eid Decoration set will be the perfect way to transform...
Iftar Tray
I find this perfect for iftar time, whether it be for dates, snacks or some sweet treats. They work great on the dining table, coffee table or near the prayer mat so you’re ready to open your fast. - Ramadhan...
Moon & Star Lights
These really do brighten up the room and give Ramadhan that extra warm feeling. They really are like the icing on the cake and the kids just love taking turns switching them on! - LED acrylic Moon and star string...
Ramadan Mubarak Bunting/Banner
Can be hung on the wall, ceiling or even over a frame or mirror. Just whichever works best for you and your home. Rather than paper, this comes in the more durable burlap material. - Ramadhan Mubarak bunting/banner - Ready-made...
Ramadhan Decoration Set
✅ Ramadan Mubarak bunting ✅ Crescent Moon LED candle ✅ Ramadhan Iftar Tray ✅ LED Moon and Star Curtain The aim of my Ramadhan decoration set is to make it easy and convenient to order the decorations and get your...
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