Teaching the kids about Ramadhan

mother teaching child about Ramadan

We're all going through it.

For the last year or so, anyone with young children has been involved with home-schooling of one sort or another.

This is not just about Covid restrictions and government lockdowns, but also about our religious obligation to our children.

Alhamdulillah within our communities we have the opportunity to send our children to schools, organisations or even respected members of the community who can teach children about our beautiful religion.

However, as parents, in addition to this, we also like to do something more at home, and with the lockdown upon us, it felt like an extra incentive.  With the kids having to be at home, we needed to get extra creative!

Last year, during the Ramadan of 2020, I wanted to make this learning experience more interactive and fun for the kids.  I also wanted the family to be even more excited than normal about Ramadan.

Extra Special.

So, to make things extra special, I decided to add a bit of excitement for the kids, by putting up some visuals and lights as reminders of Ramadan.

This included:

  • Moon & Crescent Lights
  • Ramadan Mubarak banner/bunting
  • Crescent shaped ornament with lights
  • Iftar tray

Unexpected Learnings.

It led to conversations about the significance of the sighting of the moon, what it meant, how long it lasts and other interesting questions that children ask.

Then there was the unexpected excitement and competition around whose turn it was to switch on the lights or carry in the dates for Iftar time.


Ramadan Experience.

Insh'Allah this Ramadan you too can further add to the Ramadan experience in your home, and enhance the experience of this blessed time of year.

I've created these Ramadan Decoration Sets which you and your families can enjoy.  They can be ordered here.

Now, with decorations the sorted, I'll leave you to remember whose turn it is to turn on the lights and prep the iftar tray!

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